Colleen Nixon

singer+songwriter+worship leader+voice of marian grace

Colleen Nixon is Tallahassee, Florida’s home grown wild flower who was told she was singing before she was speaking.  With a deep love of music and years of voice lessons, Colleen moved to Nashville, TN and received her Bachelors Degree from Belmont University in Commercial Voice with a Music Business emphasis.  It was there Colleen’s gift of songwriting blossomed as well as honing the craft of singing in many different styles—from Classical to Country to Rock and Pop but with Jazz being her favorite.  

In the pursuit to share her heart through song,  she has released five albums, including two albums featuring her original music,  “Love Is In The Details (2009)” & “Lake Ella’s Sky (2013)” which were recorded and produced by, Grammy Award Winner,  Mitch Dane.  Her full-length album, “Lake Ella’s Sky,” is an ode to her beloved hometown and features a song called “Tallahassee” on the project.  Her original music which falls in the Folk/Pop/Jazz genre has an “easy listening” vibe to it and her style and clear, “angelic” voice are often compared to the likes of Norah Jones,  Joni Mitchell and Sara Bareillas and every so often a Disney princess! Colleen’s music though, has been said to be for listeners young and old alike because it is “beautifully arranged and is seamlessly complementary with her vocals but her songs balance a care-free feeling with a depth of heart expressed by gratitude for the good things in life.”

Her other three albums are released under the name “Marian Grace,” which is a Sacred Music project featuring her as the vocalist and LOVE GOOD FOUNDER, Jimmy Mitchell, as the pianist. Together, they’ve taken some of the richest musical treasures in Hymns and co-arranged them with a contemporary sound as well as setting some of the most beautiful ancient prayers to music.  Their three albums: “Ancient Hymns & Chants (2010),” “What Wondrous Love (2012),” and even an Advent/Christmas CD, "Midwinter (2013),” are distributed by Ignatius Press, have been sold in over 23 countries, and are currently in thousands of bookstores across America.  They have been featured on EWTN’s “Life on the Rock” as well.  As Marian Grace, Colleen has lead worship and given Sacred Music concerts at Churches and Conferences all over the country sharing platforms with some of the best Catholic speakers, teachers, and authors from Christopher West, Jeff Cavins,  Vinny Flynn, and Edward Sri to talk show host Teresa Tomeo, Sr. Miriam James and Fr. Andrew Apostoli to name a few.

Colleen's voice has been called “anointed,” "breathtaking," and "a taste of Heaven”. She is unique in the various ways she can share her musical gift.  Whether singing her original songs about life and love in a coffee shop, wine house or living room concert to leading hundreds in worship with the captivating prayers and sounds of Marian Grace, Colleen’s gift of music is vast in its ability to reach many different people, in many different settings on all walks on life.

When Colleen isn’t singing, she is kept very busy caring for her 4 children, Benny(7) Max (5 ½) Camille (4) and Norah (2 ½ ). She is ever-so-grateful for her supportive husband of 8 years, Titus, who helps her share her gift of music with the world.

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